Der ydes 2 års reklamationsret på produkter købt hos Elle & Co.

Går varen mod forventning i stykker, så repareres eller ombyttes varen, såfremt original kvittering vedlægges. Reklamationsretten dækker ikke forkert håndtering, eller groft misbrug.

Kundeservice skal kontaktes på tlf.: 21 15 15 03 eller mail: inden du sender en reklamation retur.

VIGTIGT: Reklamationer uden forudgående kontakt og original kvittering vil blive afvist.


Your purchase is covered by the "Sale of Goods Act" (business to consumer) which means that if the product is defect then you can send us a complaint within two years after the purchase date but within a "reasonable time" from when you discovered the defect. If the goods are defect, Elle & co. is entitled to help you solve the issue without any further cost to you. This may include repairing or replace the product or offer you an appropriate reduction or refund the money to you if the defect is major or Elle & co . is not able to repair the product within two weeks. 

This is conditioned by the fact that the defect has not been caused by misuse, wrong use, wrong treatment or the like of the product. 

If the product is approved as a defect then we will cover the cost of delivery. If the product is not approved as a defect, you will have to cover these costs yourself. 

You must complain and contact us as soon as you have discovered the defect. Please send us an e-mail with the order number and description of the defect/complaint to:

Depending on the specific situation, you will receive further instructions.

Once Elle & co. has accepted the product as a defect, you should send the product as soon as possible to:

Elle & Co.

Dalumvej 42

DK - 5250 Odense SV



If you have a complaint regarding your trade from our webside: , then you are referred to: competition and consumer authority and, here you can find information regarding your possibilities.